October 2015 Newsletter

2016 marks the 15th anniversary of goneMOAB , the premier Nissan offroad event!  For the 15th anniversary there is some exciting additions to the usual activities of goneMOAB.  The first change you will note is the addition of newsletters, please keep your eyes opens as several newsletters will be released between now and goneMOAB 2016.  Some other exciting additions include a night run on Fins & Things and an overland run which will include a night camping on the trail!  Registration opens on 10/10/15 this year!  Please remember that there are no refunds on ticket purchases.

goneMOAB is run each year by volunteers who invest endless hours, the 2015 event was successfully run by the volunteer organizers under the direction of lead organizer Alex Racine.  This year Nick Savatgy and Nick Schulte step in as lead organizers.  Rounding out the organizer team is Alex Kosseff (social media/graphics), Terry Lindgren (IT), Ryan Hinchey (videographer), and Alex Racine (web design).   Over the next few newsletters you can get to know the organizers as their bios will be shared.

Fins & Things Night Run

This will be run on the Tuesday night of the event and will include the second portion of the trail.  This run does have some special requirements which are not flexible:

  1. The rig must have the minimum modification requirements for the Fins daytime trail
  2. The rig must have axillary lighting facing forward
  3. The rig must have 2 rock lights over the front axle/control arms and 2 rock lights over the rear axle
  4. EACH person in the vehicle must have a functional headlamp that is turned on anytime they are out of the vehicle.
  5. Depending on the final number of rigs the run may be split into two groups.  The final decision to split and assignment of group remains in control of the goneMOAB organizers, all decisions are non-negotiable/final.
  6. As with all goneMOAB trail runs, no alcohol is permitted!
A big thanks to CVT, the first confirmed sponsor for the 2016 event!  CVT comes on as the title sponsor for the Cascadia Vehicle Tent Overland Run.  Look for a CVT tent at the raffle night and check out CVT’s website:  www.cascadiatents.com
A big thanks also goes out to AREA BFE, coming on again to host the offroading 101 clinic.  Check them out at www.areabfe.com
We need your media for upcoming goneMOAB videos.  Please go to the link below and upload video/picture content of rigs at the event.  Please do not upload lengthy videos but limit it to rigs at interesting points in the trail.