Being Prepared

In the past, I have been asked by many people about what I thought they should bring along with them on the 4-wheel drive trail? That truly depends on where you are going, the duration of the trip and who is going with you. It depends on whether you are going to make a 3-day trip to the Rubicon Trail alone, or you and 20 of your friends are going to take a leisurely trip over Crystal Geyser near Moab. If you’re doing the Rubicon, you better be ready for anything regarding parts, tools, and recovery gear, and your rig better be in perfect operating shape. If you are just driving down Crystal Geyser, the requirements might be much simpler. But even there, you are a long way from civilization. For instance, if suddenly your brand new rig is stuck in park and won’t shift, or blows a tire, or breaks a belt or bursts a hose, what do you do? A AAA flatbed tow is not really an option. Your buddies are not going to be able to tow you anywhere (It’s stuck in park remember.) But if you only have a screwdriver and some other tools, you might be able to do something. So whether it is a quick trip over Fins N Things or setting out on the Rubicon Trail, in my experience the major lesson that I have learned, the hard way, is BE PREPARED.

In previous trips, I have had the opportunity to deal with many mechanical issues. I have noted most of them in Appendix A below. To those of you that I have wheeled with, see if I got them all.

So following is MY four wheelers checklist. You will probably ask, does anyone really carry all this stuff? The answer to that is that I probably carry about 95% of it. I have a tendency to wheel a lot, in many varied locations with a mixed crowd of wheelers, and I like to BE PREPARED. I have not quite been able to justify a few of the these on these checklists due to weight and utility.

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Being Prepared by Terry Lindgren